Welcome to The Affiliate Program of Vladimir Ribakov

Professional Forex Trader and Mentor

Following the continued success of his algorithmic forex trading products, Vladimir Ribakov and his team are excited to revolutionize the forex affiliation industry - again. Fintech Traffic is now the one-stop shop to find, access, and track all of the top converting forex offers you could ever imagine.

As an affiliate, you no longer have to search through dozens of low quality rev-share forex offers with other affiliate networks and worry about chargebacks. Fintech Traffic only provides forex offers that actually convert and put money in your pocket. Users can get most of our products for free, if they sign up for and fund an account. When this occurs, you’ll receive a fixed $250 CPA with no fear of chargebacks.

Solutions for Bloggers and Affiliates

Whether you prefer to market via email campaigns or you have a very popular forex trading blog, we have an array of customized marketing solutions. Bloggers and webmasters will be at home with our vast selection of banners and customizable widgets. Email marketers will love our swipes and autoresponders specifically tailored for each of Vladimir’s products.

More Than an Affiliate Network

We know how difficult it is to convert traffic directly from product pages. That’s why we are proud to be the first and only forex specific affiliate network to offer full tracking for offers converted as a result of traffic you send to our FX blogs. Drive traffic to our educational FX blogs, and every click on our banners and links will be credited to you. You no longer have to develope your own forex blog for marketing purposes, just use ours! It’s a win-win!

Exclusive Offers You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Vladimir’s forex trading products are all MetaTrader compatible, easy to use, and have a long history of satisfied users. The days of promoting shady trading robots are over. Vladimir’s trading products have been proven time and time again to increase a trader’s chance of success in the markets. Every product we offer is on par with professional day trading software, and we stand by it 100%, so you can too.

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The approval process for Fintech Traffic is quick and easy. Once you’re in, you can start promoting offers immediately and collecting you CPA. On behalf of all of us at Fintech Traffic, we genuinely look forward to working with you.

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